Transpara with Fusion AI helps reduce breast screening workload

Developer of AI systems for breast care ScreenPoint Medical BV announced the introduction of Transpara powered by FusionAI, an improved and enhanced version of Transpara 1.6, at the European Congress of Radiology virtual meeting in March.

Transpara has been in use in more than 20 countries and ScreenPoint says that the latest clinical studies reveal major benefits for radiologists and patients: “Up to 35 per cent of examinations with interval cancers found on earlier mammograms and, to help reduce workload for increasingly pressured radiologists, up to 70 per cent of examinations can now be confidently labelled as normal. Overall Transpara has been shown to match the performance of specialist breast radiologists in both 2D and 3D studies.”

Transpara with FusionAI is up to 28 per cent more accurate than previous versions, helping to detect more cancers and earlier, the company added.

ScreenPoint Medical ceo Professor Nico Karssemeijer said: “Transpara powered by FusionAI takes deep learning AI for 2D and 3D mammography to a whole new level, opening up possibilities for decision support, single reading, workload reduction and personalised screening. We are able to bring new features to the market faster than before, giving radiologists a wider range of options to implement breast AI.”

Dr Alvarez Benito at Hospital Universitario Reina Sofia, Spain, who has been using and evaluating Transpara, said: “From the studies we did with Transpara, the conclusion was that it could help safely reduce screening workload. This could really help to address the radiology workforce issues faced in many countries.”

Picture: ScreenPoint Medical ceo Professor Nico Karssemeijer.

Published on page 26 of the April 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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