Turning one community’s waste into another’s resource

AGITO Medical aims to support customer and healthcare facilities with the ability to provide the best possible treatment and services. But how?

Whilst European hospitals and clinics dispose of old equipment, many such institutions elsewhere cannot afford the much needed equipment. To turn one community’s waste into another’s resource is one of our aims. We do that by providing imaging rental solutions, pre-owned imaging equipment, spare parts and trade-in solutions for healthcare providers that wish to replace their used equipment or need additional capacity.

We purchase and re-sell pre-owned imaging equipment at reduced prices, providing customers with a cost-efficient alternative to buying new equipment. To extend the second life of these products even further, we also offer spare parts such as tubes, probes, coils, boards, power supplies, monitors and user interfaces and much more.

The process of replacing diagnostic imaging equipment often requires building modifications which can result in extensive periods of down-time and increased patient waiting lists. To address this challenge, we have developed a flexible rental concept, providing clients with a wide selection of customized mobile imaging trailer and relocatable units, available for short and long-term rental.

Why we do what we do

Our purpose is to support hospitals and healthcare facilities worldwide with imaging rental solutions and pre-owned imaging equipment at affordable prices. By doing that, we provide sustainable healthcare solutions, so that our customers can continue to care for their patients and give them the best possible treatment and services.

The need to repurpose resources and go circular is greater than ever. We see a move from the linear model of Take  ➡ Make ➡ Dispose to a circular model of Make ➡ Use ➡ Recycle.

It’s all about keeping products, parts and materials at their highest utility and value at all times, circulating between customers.

When you buy pre-owned equipment or spare parts from us, you help maximizing the lifetime value of products and solutions while minimizing the use of new materials and resources thus eliminating waste. In continuation of that notion, our rental solutions utilize an access-based business model, where customers access the function or performance of a product, rather than owning them – ensuring a better utilization of resources.

Greater deployment of imaging rentals also effectively increases the usage of each individual system and act as an innovative, flexible alternative to buying a brand new piece of equipment.

When we provide our customers with imaging rental solutions and pre-owned imaging equipment and spare parts, we naturally pay a small part in achieving some of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. More specifically, goal #3 (Good health and well-being), #12 (Responsible consumption and production), and #13 (Climate action).

Read more about who we are, what we do, how we do it and why!

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