Two Samsung AccE GC85’s significantly reduce patient waiting times in the newly-built Heatherwood Hospital

MIS Healthcare has installed Samsung’s AccE GC85 at the newly-built Heatherwood Hospital, which is part of Frimley Health NHS Foundation Trust. The advanced features of the AccE GC85 will allow a much higher throughput of patients and reduce waiting times.

Senior radiographer Mukhtar Ahmed  commented: “Samsung’s GC85 is quite easy to use. It reduces manual handling of equipment, as it can do a lot of work on command for the radiographer. Image processing is also quick, which reduces patient waiting time. Furthermore, battery life of the detector is long lasting and thus adds to efficiency. Radiation dosage is also quite low, contributing to radiation safety of patient (ALARA). Image quality is also top notch, thus speeds up diagnostic processing.”

The fully automated AccE GC85 reduces the physical stress placed on radiographers and ensures that the system is very easy to use.

Picture: Senior radiographer Mukhtar Ahmed, line manager Rakesh Puni, senior radiographer Themistoklis Kosmidis, MIS Healthcare account manager David Billett, radiology department assistance Michelle Nimmo, assistance practitioner Christine Hodgkinson, radiology department assistance Phoorithsayatt Bates, senior radiographer Karuna Gurung and radiographer Nordia Thompson.

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