Ultrasound QA: making it happen

Last month, Multi-Medix completed a series of four ‘bite-size’ webinars on ultrasound quality assurance. Co-hosted with Dr Nick Dudley, the webinars were well attended with a worldwide audience, interested in implementing ultrasound user QA. Webinar recordings are available to all on the Multi-Medix website via the Online Knowledge Portal.

The webinars are intended to simplify the implementation of ultrasound user QA with the intention of enabling ultrasound departments to implement user QA programmes themselves.

For those departments who are under resourced or simply do have the time to start a user QA programme, Multi-Medix can offer a helping hand. QA Protect enables ultrasound departments to get started and grow the teams’ confidence, empowering them to do regular QA activities.

Ultrasound departments have already benefited from the using the resources on the online portal as well as QA Protect.

“Through our QA checks, we have picked up things that may not have been spotted until the annual service. It has been really useful to have the ongoing support that Multi-Medix provides. We can simply send a photo of an image or probe or ask a question to the technical staff at any time. This provides us with greater confidence in our ultrasound systems.

“The enhancements Multi-Medix suggested to our QA system, have been easy to administer and have become part of day to day routines. In fact, because it is standardised it has allowed us to extend it to other departments, so we are all doing the same thing, saving time,” Olga Allan, lead sonographer in obstetric ultrasound, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust

These words are echoed in many ultrasound departments and clinics around the country already using the patented programme. Sonographers can quickly and easily perform their mandatory QA checks: safety and quality are assured, patient scanning time is maximised. Finally, through learning and implementing QA, staff can gain CPD credit.

QA Protect is unique: it provides a QA service ‘in a box’ that covers everything needed to start a QA programme, support sonographers with their day to day QA and provide an independent audit. Ultrasound users become confident in their own ability and therefore confident in their systems safety compliance.

Multi-Medix is offering a free consultation to anyone wishing to improve their ultrasound QA programme, please email for more information. Free recordings of the QA webinars are available on the Multi-Medix Online Knowledge Portal.

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