Ultrasound software solution represents actual breast morphology

Designed on a model-adaptive algorithm, the BreastNav solution from Esaote represents on a virtual model the real shape and morphology of a patient’s breast.

“Serial screening with mammography is the most effective method to detect early stage breast cancer and decrease mortality,” says Esaote. “This effectiveness is enhanced when used in conjunction with ultrasound.

“When combined with mammography, breast ultrasound can detect additional early stage, invasive breast cancers, while supplemental screening with contrast-enhanced MRI in high risk women reduces late stage disease; abbreviated MRI protocols may reduce cost and increase accessibility to women of average risk with dense breasts.”

Advanced technologies are increasingly helping clinicians in the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. BreastNav represents the real shape of the patient’s breast and can assist breast lesion detection and follow-up. In two sweeps the model automatically adapts breast shape to provide 1:1 correlation in real-time with ultrasound. The BreastNav technology tracks and records the probe’s sweeps, providing a visual feedback on the area covered, marking suspicious lesions with a virtual target and saving it within the patient’s ultrasound study, including a 3D localisation rendering.

During follow-up examination, BreastNav shows the previously saved target, ultrasound reference image and the corresponding virtual model probe position in order to quickly re-localise and re-identify the targeted lesion, backed up by traffic light feedback to identify the exact transducer spatial position. The environment can incorporate other advanced technologies such as microV, microE, ElaXto and QElaXto 2D, for a complete analysis of breast lesions.

Published on page 8 of the October 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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