Vieworks invites delegates to discover the future of radiology at RSNA

Continuing its commitment to excellence in digital radiography, Vieworks is excited to return to RSNA 2023 (booth #1723), where it will be showcasing the latest advancements in its x-ray imaging solutions.

This year, it will unveil a suite of new imaging solutions aligned with its slogan, ‘Clearer Vision. Safer Imaging.’ These advances include AEC-embedded flat panel detector (FPD) solutions and innovative Deep Denoising technology, a deep learning based solution to significantly reduce noise in imaging. “We will also introduce a bone suppression feature, seamlessly integrated into our advanced VXvue software, to deliver images of exceptional clarity,” the company explains.

“As pioneers in the field, Vieworks understands the critical importance of both clarity and safety in medical imaging. It is with this understanding that we invite you to explore the evolution in our imaging solutions, a line that has become synonymous with premium imaging quality, outstanding durability, and unmatched usability.”

Vieworks will showcase its complete line-up of FPDs including the VIVIX-S F and V series, the latest series in static DR solutions; the VIVIX-D series for dynamic solutions; and the VIVIX-M series for mammography. Extended FPDs for long bones and wider fields of view will be displayed as well.

RSNA 2023 attendees are warmly invited to join Vieworks in experiencing these advancements firsthand. “We invite you to gain insights into how Vieworks is defining the future of safer, more accurate imaging.”

Join Vieworks at RSNA 2023 — where visionary technology meets clinical necessity. Visit Vieworks on stand 1723, south hall.

Picture: AEC-embedded flat panel detector (FPD) solutions will be on display.

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