Vieworks to exhibit at ECR 2023 with VIVIX (x-ray flat panel detectors) full line-up

Vieworks, a leading digital x-ray imaging solution provider based in South Korea, is showcasing the completion of its DR static and dynamic detectors at ECR 2023 (#322) from March 1-4.

Vieworks’ VIVIX detectors provide a wide selection of x-ray imaging solutions in terms of diverse applications and detectors sizes. VIVIX-S V and F series are the highlights of Vieworks’ static detectors for general radiography and are offered in three sizes – 25 x 30cm (VIVIX-S 2530VW/FW), 36 x 43cm (VIVIX-S 3643VW/ FW) and 43 x 43cm (VIVIX-S 4343VW/FW).

VIVIX-S V series offers a cost-effective total imaging solution, which the users can enjoy a high definition, fast workflow, and the most durable DR detectors at a reasonable price. VIVIX-S F series offers a premium experience for users in terms of its finest image quality (pixel pitch: 99㎛), durability (unbreakable glass-free TFT), and usability (lighter weight, long-lasting battery). This year, Vieworks will exclusively unveil larger format detectors only at its booth.

Vieworks’ dynamic detectors include VIVIX-D series (for fluoroscopy and C-arm), and VIVIX-M series (for mammography). Both series feature the most advanced IGZO panel technology.

Vieworks also proudly presents the latest imaging software solutions for each application. AI-powered solution for chest x-ray diagnosis support, PureImpact Dynamic to enhance post-processing of dynamic x-ray images are the must-sees at ECR 2023.

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