Vital Radiology’s dashboard provides insights into operations while streamlining communication

In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare, Vital Radiology is poised to make a significant impact with its innovative dashboard, set to be showcased at stand D20 during the upcoming event. This tool is designed to cater to the specific needs of NHS trusts, providing a fresh approach to radiology management.

Central to Vital Radiology’s offering is the customer portal, a hub for healthcare professionals. This offers client managers and administration teams comprehensive insights into their operations.

A notable feature of the dashboard is its capacity to streamline communication. Referrers can easily flag discrepancies on reports through the portal, establishing a direct line to reporting radiologists. This departure from traditional inquiry routes through radiology managers and in-house radiologists promises to save valuable time and resources.

Another essential component of the software is the ability to see a detailed overview of the status of studies, including scans dispatched and urgent findings. This tool reduces administrative overheads, enabling staff to focus on critical tasks.

A user-friendly interface features various information tabs, providing a comprehensive view of report statuses and volume data across different modalities. An internal audit feature offers insights into radiologist performance, covering critical data points such as patient, modality, body part, and category numbers.

As healthcare embraces efficiency and transparency, Vital Radiology’s dashboard emerges as an innovative solution. Join us at stand D20 to witness the future of radiology management, where efficiency and excellence converge to reshape healthcare.

Picture: Dr Arun Chauhan, Joe Cooper, Zeyn Tayub and Ben Williams.

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