Welsh radiographers train for CT installation

Toshiba CT product specialist Neil Barker and CT applications specialist Mark Condron (far left) pictured with Gail Robert-Davies of Singleton Hospital, Andrew Edwards of Royal Gwent Hospital, Sarah Flemming of Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Shaun Walsh of Royal Gwent Hospital, Alison Thomas of Singleton Hospital, Rachel Harrison of Wrexham Maelor Hospital, Jenna Liley of Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital, Heather Carter of Morriston Hospital, Rachel Smith of Ysbyty Ystrad Fawr Hospital, Patricia John and Lynda Davies of Morriston Hospital and Neil Crimes of Wrexham Maelor Hospital.


Toshiba Medical Systems held an off-site pre-applications training day for five Welsh hospitals that have selected the Aquilion One as their next CT scanner.


Presentations were given by Toshiba CT product specialist Neil Barker and CT applications specialist Mark Condron, with subjects ranging from low dose scan techniques to advanced applications in single beat cardiac and dynamic whole brain neuro imaging.


The value of such a course is that delegates will have a headstart, not only in the clinical applications potential of the system, but also an in-depth understanding of the background dose reduction algorithms and how to get the best out of the system.


Morriston Hospital CT superintendent radiographer Patricia John said: “It was useful and exciting to gain an insight into the large range of examinations that we will be able to undertake once our new scanner has been installed, examinations that we are unable to do at the moment


See the full report on page 11 in the September 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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