Whittington cuts fixed costs and financial risk

Asteral technical director Stephen Hodgson and operations director David Cook with the Whittington’s associate medical director Dr Caroline Allum, Asteral business development director Sean Williams, consultant radiologist Dr David Grant and IM&T consultant, Whittington Glenn Winteringham.


The Whittington Hospital NHS Trust’s partnership with Asteral was put under the spotlight when the trust hosted an open day for 32 other NHS trusts to learn how they too could benefit.


In 2005, the North London trust entered into a partnership with Asteral to update its medical and diagnostic equipment.  At the open day, the trust highlighted how its long-term, 15-year, arrangement has ensured a sustainable supply of state-of-the-art equipment and reduced both its fixed costs and financial risk while still having freedom to choose equipment from the full range of manufacturers underpinned by tough performance guarantees.


See the full report on page 2 of the January 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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