A new bike for Dublin heart centre

Dr Brendan Doyle at Dublin’s Mater Private Heart and Vascular Centre, with cardiology staff Dave Lenihan, Pat Grogan and Dave Morris.

Medray Imaging Systems has installed a Schiller Ergo Bike ERG 911 in the Mater Private Heart and Vascular Centre, Dublin.  The equipment is expected to allow the hospital to perform detailed haemodynamic studies of cardiac and pulmonary vascular function during exercise, facilitating earlier and more accurate diagnosis of cardiopulmonary disease.

The hospital has described the bike as easily programmable and user friendly.  Medray md Aidan O’Reilly said: “While the job to customise the bike to the table was challenging, the net benefit to Mater Private patients is enormous.”

See this report on page 6 of the January 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.



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