A wide range of applications now at North Tyneside

At North Tyneside general hospital with a Toshiba Infinix VF-I system are reporting radiographer Bob Cassidy, Toshiba account executive north east David Bibbs, trust lead radiographer Kevin O’Neil, radiology specialist nurse Olwyn Thwaites and fluoroscopy team lead Dorothy Bell.


A Toshiba Infinix VF-i with five axis manoeuvrability enables North Tyneside General Hospital to offer cardiac and vascular imaging on the same system.


Fluoroscopy team lead Dorothy Bell said: “The trust wanted to provide a coronary angiography service at North Tyneside.  The new equipment had to be able to undertake coronary angiograms and a wide range of fluoroscopy examinations including ERCPs, arthrograms, hysterosalpingograms and infant digital hips.   We selected the Toshiba equipment as it was the best cardiac system that could undertake all the other examinations as well.”


See the full report on page 18 of the October 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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