Aberdeen Royal’s breast biopsy system cuts sampling requirements

The North East Scotland Breast Screening Centre at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary is the first department in Scotland to install the Hologic Brevera breast biopsy system with Corlumina imaging technology.

Advanced practitioner Michelle Cumming said: “The machine is brilliant to use. The unique selling point is the ability to image your specimen in real-time during the biopsy; this can reduce procedure time if the target lesion can be identified in the early samples. I can also focus my sampling knowing where there is the greatest yield and make an assessment during the procedure when to stop.

“In the past, 12 cores were taken as standard, now with the Brevera breast biopsy system we can cut the sampling down and it is really useful when there are multiple areas requiring sampling. Less time under compression also gives a more positive biopsy experience for the patient and the team.

“As an advanced practitioner, I find the Brevera breast biopsy system extremely user friendly; with just one needle that has capacity to change between 12mm and 20mm aperture it cuts down consumables in our department.” Cumming pointed out that specimens are fed into separate sections of a revolving filter, so there is no specimen handling. This again streamlines post biopsy processing and has cut procedure times. “This enhancement in service provision has been such a positive experience in our department,” she concluded.

Picture: Staff nurse Susan Cook, advanced practitioner Michelle Cumming, Hologic breast health sales specialist Lynne Callan and clinical director Dr Gerald Lip.

Published on page 11 of the January 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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