Advances in radiobiology

Course organiser Professor Stephanie McKeown, University of Ulster, and Dr Stewart Martin, University of Nottingham.


The British Institute of Radiology hosted a very well received radiology event at its headquarters in Portland Place, London.


Advances in Radiobiology was organised by Dr Stewart Martin and Professor Stephanie McKeown and the BIR’s Radiation Cancer Biology Committee on behalf of the BIR.


Radiobiological research has, over recent years, produced a number of interesting and exciting results, some of which are causing central dogma to be revisited and revised.  Such research has direct relevance to current radiotherapy treatment practice.


This meeting, comprised of a series of invited talks and proffered papers, which covered recent advances and how they influence radiotherapy outcome and future practice.


See the full report on page 3 of the March 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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