AI can streamline mpMRI service with lesion detection and auto-segmentation functions

High quality reading of multiparametric MR images (mpMRI) for prostate cancer detection can be a time-consuming task. Finding regions of interest that are likely to be worthy of a reader’s close attention can be simplified with the aid of AI software such as Watson Medical’s Elementary product line, according to distributor Oncology Systems Limited (OSL). The software’s Malignancy Attention Index (MAI) technology automatically produces indications of regions potentially worthy of attention, based on standard mpMRI input.

The software allows in-depth PI-RADS (v2.1) compatible assessment, reporting and data management to support active surveillance. With the aid of more AI tooling, such as automated anatomical segmentation and automated selection of relevant mpMRI series, the Watson Elementary software can create an efficient workflow. Automated anatomical segmentation and other advanced annotation tooling also facilitates communication with urology departments, which can be given direct digital access to the system’s database and viewing capabilities.

OSL commercial manager Stuart Southgate said: “The feature-packed Watson package can now streamline the way you report your mpMR images. This advanced software offers faster reporting, more reports in a day and a more efficient service.”

Published on page 20 of the November 2020 issue of RAD Magazine.

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