Ambient Experience helps reduce patient anxiety during interventional procedures

Royal Philips’ new solution for interventional rooms, Ambient Experience with FlexVision display, is now commercially available. Connecting to the Azurion image-guided therapy system, it uses the system’s large display to offer patients a calming multisensory experience while staff prepare, prior to the display being used for the actual procedure. It also allows patients and interventional teams to adapt the room’s ambient lighting and sound to enhance the feeling of calm, especially during the patient entry and preparation phases of procedures.

Philips says the Ambient Experience has a wide range of healthcare application areas. In the radiology department of Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales in Cardiff, where it provides an immersive interactive experience for children from the moment they arrive, a patient satisfaction study showed that Ambient Experience achieved high net promoter scores.

In addition to the system’s library of pre-recorded themes, it also connects to media devices such as mobile phones and tablets, adding interactivity and choice. Single touch control allows staff to switch between customised presets and optimal lighting and audio settings for each phase of a procedure.

Vice president of the Heart and Vascular Institute at Baptist Health Care Pensacola, Florida, Victor Hall said of the system: “One factor in our decision to use Philips’ solution is that along with the patient experience, it has been shown that you can use less anaesthesia in some cases, due to its relaxing and distracting factors.”

Picture: Staff can switch between lighting and audio settings for each phase of a procedure.

Published on page 4 of the May 2022 issue of RAD Magazine.

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