Amethyst Radiotherapy cranes in source loader to upgrade central London gamma knife machine

Provider of stereotactic radiosurgery Amethyst Radiotherapy has upgraded its gamma knife machine at its Queen Square Radiosurgery Centre, London.

Specialised cranage equipment was used, lifting more than 15 tonnes of equipment between the two high-rise buildings located in central London. The source loader weighed approximately nine tonnes, with the radiation vault weighing around five tonnes, and a variety of other equipment required specialist transportation. The gamma knife source loader is a device used to precisely position radioactive sources, specifically cobalt-60, within the machine.

The technology targets and treats brain tumours with high doses of radiation, while minimising exposure to surrounding healthy tissues. The precision of the source loader is vital for the effectiveness and safety of gamma knife radiotherapy, offering non-invasive treatment options for patients with various neurological conditions and metastatic brain tumours.

Consultant neurosurgeon and medical director for the gamma knife unit Mr Neil Kitchen commented: “The reloading of our state-of-the-art gamma knife treatment platform with brand new cobalt radiation sources will halve treatment times for our patients, making their therapy less onerous and allowing us to treat many more patients efficiently, thus reducing waiting times.

“As clinical director, on behalf of the clinical team, I would like to thank Amethyst UK and UCLH for completing this complicated task.”

Picture: Delivery of the equipment presented logistical challenges for Amethyst Radiotherapy.

See the full report on page 8 of the June 2024 issue of RAD Magazine.

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