Anaesthesia training in the South West

Dr Matthew Grayling.


The South West Regional Anaesthesia (SoWRA) Group runs a popular regional anaesthesia course which is supported by SonoSite through the loan of equipment and training aids.


This initiative is helping trusts in Devon and Cornwall to expand their use of ultrasound for regional nerve blocks.  As Dr Matthew Grayling, a consultant in anaesthesia at the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital and secretary of SoWRA, explained: “Our aim is to promote local interest in regional anaesthesia techniques, using local expertise to provide cost-effective training and establish a good foundation in high quality anaesthesia care in the region.


“SonoSite and other manufacturers have been very generous by loaning equipment and teaching us to use their instruments, helping us to invest more in developing the course and providing a forum to improve regional nerve blocks in the South West.”


See this report on page 20 of the May 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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