AXREM and Highland Marketing team up

AXREM and health technology agency Highland Marketing have formed a partnership.

Highland Marketing provides a range of communications, marketing, research and consultancy services. The team has extensive experience building brands and telling stories for health technology providers of all sizes. It has generated media attention for the sector and has created headlines that demonstrate the positive impact of technologies within healthcare. “The UK’s health technology sector is a thriving marketplace that plays a significant role in supporting the NHS and UK healthcare more widely. AXREM has built a strong reputation and represents a focused and important part of that market – which we have already been fortunate to support,” ceo Mark Venables said.

AXREM represents member companies that provide UK hospitals with diagnostic medical imaging technology and radiotherapy equipment. The partnership will help to combine expertise across the two organisations, including delivery of a webinar series around marketing best practice in the industry for AXREM members.

Picture: AXREM’s Sally Edgington will work with Highland Marketing ceo Mark Venables.

See the full report on page 16 of the June 2024 issue of RAD Magazine.

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