Basildon adds elastography for breast diagnosis

Hitachi applications specialist Julie Minards, senior sonographer Sue Sullivan, ultrasound manager Jeanette Parmentier, ultrasound manager Fiona Benwell and consultant radiologist Dr Rehman.

A Hitachi Hi Vision Avius ultrasound system has been installed in the breast unit at Basildon Hospital, Essex, for ultrasound guided biopsy and general breast ultrasound examinations.  ‘Bosom Friends’ and other benevolent funds made charitable donations to assist in the purchase of the equipment to ensure continuity of service.  The busy clinic scans 10-20 patients a day, referred from one-stop clinics and surgeons.

Hitachi says that the supplementary acquisition of real-time tissue elastography has a proven application in breast disease where diagnostic biopsy is indicated, allowing for more accurate localisation and targeting of lesions.  Strain data can be extracted ensuring quantitative information and the strain ratio measurement provides greater objectivity and offers a complementary diagnostic role to conventional B-mode.

See this report on page 10 of the September 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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