Bioptics for Jersey General

Radiographers Sally Church, Jane Harwood, and Collette Sanders with their new digital specimen system.


The breast radiology department at Jersey General Hospital in St Helier has installed a Bioptics digital specimen radiography system. 


Explains lead radiologist Jane Harwood: “We are looking for the presence of micro-calcification in our core biopsy specimens.  The Bioptics makes our stereotactic procedure more efficient and helps to decrease the time our patients are compressed in the mammography machine”. 


Added Jane: “The compact size of the system means that we have saved a little space as well and, most importantly, our staff find it very easy to use.  An image is available within 10 seconds enabling them to clearly identify the presence of calcification.”


See the full report on page 5 of the October 2009 edition of RAD Magazine.

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