Bioptics saves 10 minutes per patient

Sumana Satkunalingam and superintendent Krista Midwinter with Ian White.


The London Clinic is situated on Harley Street, in the heart of London’s medical community.  Newly-installed in the radiology department is a new Bioptics piXarray digital specimen system. 


After consideration of other devices, The London Clinic chose the Bioptics to image its core biopsy and surgical specimens.  Krista Midwinter, superintendent breast imaging, explained: “The Bioptics has comfortably saved us at least 10 minutes per patient.  We had been using our mammo system to image our core specimens and this was not always that convenient.  Most importantly, the time we have saved has directly benefited the comfort of our patients.”


Surgical specimens are imaged during theatre patient lists with diagnostic analysis available instantly via a connection to the hospital’s PACS system. 


“The Bioptics at The London Clinic is very special,” said Trevor Mitchell of the equipment suppliers, DAAX Limited.  “There was a requirement to accommodate an independent thermal printer option.  After some adaptation, this Bioptics unit had this facility neatly attached to the side.”


See the full report on page 24 of the November 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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