Birmingham chooses ultrasound suited to all patients

Pictured at the handover of a GE Healthcare Logiq S8 ultrasound system to Birmingham Children’s Hospital are advanced paediatric sonographer Andy Williams, trainee sonographer Afshan Niazi, advanced paediatric sonographer Sonia Mahay, GE Healthcare ultrasound specialist Jody Welton, advanced paediatric sonographer Mandy Tyler, consultant paediatric radiologist Dr Helen Alton and lead sonographer Jean Cahalane.

The Logiq S8 replaces an ageing portable ultrasound system and, due to the wide range of patients that are scanned from neonates to adults, it was necessary that the machine was able to produce high quality diagnostic images on nearly all sizes of patient.

Cahalane said: “Due to the light weight and ease of movement of the Logiq S8 it is used on the wards for a full range of paediatric scans including post-operative renal and liver transplant patients. The S8 is ergonomic and intuitive to use and complements the two existing Logiq 9s and Logiq E9. The S8 was chosen due to its enhanced, high resolution 2D image quality and excellent Doppler and triplex imaging which is imperative in scanning paediatrics.”

See this report on page 6 of the April 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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