Burlington Medical and Lite Tech Merger creates world’s largest radiation protection supplier

Merger of two radiation protection leaders creates world’s most technologically advanced radiation protection provider.

Burlington Medical, engineers of the best-fitting radiation garments in the industry, has merged with Lite Tech, manufacturer of XENOLITE, the world’s first lightweight, multi-element, composite x-ray attenuation material. The combination results in the world’s largest, vertically integrated radiation protection provider with manufacturing facilities in the US and Europe whose products are sold in over 80 countries.

Lite Tech, a privately held attenuation material and radiation protection garment manufacturer based in Norristown, PA, was founded in 1992 with patented XENOLITE technology. Their products are developed from DuPont technology with a reputation of lightweight, eco-friendly, radiation protection innovation.

First in producing lightweight material, first in manufacturing a lead-free option, and first with bi-layer technology, Lite Tech has and continues to develop unrivalled leading-edge capability in the combined sciences of radiation physics and complex highly filled plastics processing. XENOLITE was the world’s first x-ray protection material designed to replace lead-vinyl while offering a significant weight reduction.

“It’s only natural that the most innovative, technologically advanced attenuation material manufacturer would partner with the most innovative, technologically advanced garment and curtain manufacturer. Combined the two entities have the lightest, most protective offering on the market today,” said Dave Krug, president of Lite Tech.

Lee Ann Fachko, chief executive officer of Burlington Medical, added “As the world’s leader in radiation protection, we are always looking for ways to improve our offering and protect our customers. This fusion of technologically advanced entities ensures we will have the lightest weight garment that is ecologically friendly. The combination of Lite Tech’s attenuation material, and Bar-Ray and ProtecX’s international partners, allows us to best serve the worldwide market in all of the major radiation protection segments.”

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