Cardigan goes digital

Welcoming a new x-ray unit supplied by Medical Imaging Systems are (from left) x ray helper Jenny Barrett, senior radiographer Pat Jones, MIS regional sales manager Mark O’Brien, lead nurse Judy Pitkin, radiology services manager Mark Sherratt.


With funding from the Welsh Assembly, the x ray department at Cardigan Hospital has upgraded its equipment.


A Shimadzu RadspeedMF UD150 offered the best solution to the problems faced at Cardigan. At the same time the image processing unit was upgraded to a digital one.


Digital imaging has many advantages, including rapid transfer, remote access and multiple user access of images.


All this means that images taken at Cardigan can be viewed in Bronglais or Carmarthen within seconds of them being taken at the same time.


This report will be published on page 30 of the April 2009 issue of RAD Magazine.

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