Charing Cross chooses latest portable

Pictured with the new Viamo are (left) clinical applications specialist Shane Hanlon and consultant radiologist Dr Adrian Lim.


Toshiba Medical Systems has sold its first portable ultrasound system, the newly-launched Viamo scanner, to London’s Charing Cross Hospital where it will be used for critical care on-ward ultrasound and for interventional procedures.   


Consultant radiologist Dr Adrian Lim described the system as “Overall, a well-designed portable scanner with the touch screen being a revolutionary feature.   Greyscale imaging and Doppler sensitivity are extremely good and nearly equivalent to high-end scanners in the Toshiba portfolio.”


The system combines the portability of a laptop with advanced radiology features.  Developed from a radiology base, it is said to provide the “confidence to image patients at the bedside, something that usually requires larger, more expensive cart-based systems.” 


See the full report on page 31 of the February 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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