Charity runners raise funds for scanner

Patient Salli Ward with Philips Healthcare ultrasound customer support engineer El Fernandes, intensive care consultants Dr Ian Rechner and Dr Andrew Walden, SR nurse Melanie Gager and Philips Healthcare ultrasound sales specialist Vanessa Light.

Staff at Royal Berkshire Hospital’s intensive care unit went the extra mile to help raise funds to purchase a Philips Sparq ultrasound scanner.

Some members of staff ran a complete half-marathon and some did it as a relay team, supported by ex-patients who also volunteered to run for the charity.  Intensive care consultant Dr Ian Rechner said: “We have had a lot of ex-patients who come back and volunteer for us and it is humbling.  Along with the funds raised by the charity, the ICU also received some money from the ICU research fund.”

Dr Rechner continued, “We particularly like the touch screen, and easy to clean control panel.  We are obtaining excellent image quality and recent advances in equipment mean that the IC specialist can now learn to use an echocardiography machine, something which used to be the sole domain of the cardiologist and cardiac technician.”

See the full report on page 10 of the September 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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