Choice Health supports clinical trials and research imaging

Pressures of day-to-day clinical radiology can mean NHS trials and research are overlooked due to lack of capacity, says Choice Health. Pharma and clinical research organisations have set turnarounds and service level agreements; if these are breached, they may pull out of sites and run trials abroad instead.

“The net effect is denying patients access to the latest trial medicines, and lost revenue for trusts. In one extreme case, we know of over 100 trials uninitiated due to lack of imaging capacity,” the company states.

“At Choice, we specifically understand global trials imaging systems and align requirements to the highly specialised and experienced consultants that medical research demands. We also have a full suite of medical physics services and end-to-end image management capabilities.”

The company’s background is in the NHS, having worked on the biggest imaging network projects such as Greater Manchester. It is a fellow of the NHS England Clinical Entrepreneur programme and also consults on the latest imaging network and digital imaging strategies, as well as clinical trial protocol and imaging manual alignment.

“I think we have a unique blend of high level NHS experience, clinical expertise and real-world business acumen,” said founder and ceo Pauric Greenan.

Medical director and RCR gold medallist Dr Riz Basit, who will be on the stand to share his knowledge, added that Choice Health can help solve the pressures within clinical research imaging that stem from general clinical headaches.

Picture: Choice Health founder and ceo Pauric Greenan and medical director Dr Riz Basit.

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