Combined cardiac CT/MR day in Dublin

Maria O’Connell from Mater Misericordiae University Hospital, Andrea Moore from the Adelaide and Meath Hospital and Ann-Marie Brennan from Mater Misericordiae University Hospital look on while Siemens’ Peter Weale demonstrates what is required for cardiac MR.


Siemens Ireland and Healthcare 21 hosted a cardiac CT and MR study day at University College Dublin. The course, consisting of a combination of lectures and workstation demonstrations, was attended by physicians, physicists, radiologists and radiographers from all over Ireland.


The study day offered participants the opportunity to obtain practical advice from international specialists, with useful tips on how to further enhance cardiac imaging using both MR and CT. 


Guest speakers included paediatric expert Dr Sedat Alibek from the University of Erlangen, cardiac CT specialist Dr Christoph Becker from the University of Munich, Dr Okan Ekinci cardiologist from Siemens AG and Dr Peter Weale who is based in Northwestern University Chicago, one of the top MR cardiac research campuses in the world.


Minimising dose exposure through innovative technology was a focus of the course.


See the full report on page 2 of the September 2010 issue of RAD Magazine.

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