COVID-19 does not deter Canon from maintaining service levels

Canon Medical Systems UK has again been highly commended by customers across the country in its recent half-year service support survey.

Achieving an average of 92 per cent in the overall satisfaction score, respondents were asked to rate the company for its professionalism, knowledge, quality of solution, problem resolution and communications. In the month of July, following the early peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, Canon Medical achieved 100 per cent across all survey categories.

The Service Operations Support survey is a rolling monthly programme of research to continually monitor the company across key performance areas. Feedback from UK customers including radiographers, sonographers, clinicians and healthcare business managers offers critical insights into areas of improvement.

Over the period of the pandemic, Canon Medical activated its ‘fast response taskforce’ to quickly adapt to the fast-changing environment and ensure business continuity.

Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, CT superintendent radiographer Judith Sugden said: “It’s been a challenging year for all in healthcare, but Canon Medical has continued to be very supportive in keeping scanners operational and great at communications to keep us informed. It is always fast to respond and active to resolve.”

Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro, ultrasound team lead Virginia Blake added: “Canon Medical delivers a high level of service and has continued to do so this year despite everything that is going on. Its team has complied with all the restrictions at our site and is reliable and responsive when we need it for a breakdown or emergency.”

Picture: One of Canon Medical Systems UK’s dedicated team of service engineers Fadi Salmoon.

Published on page 20 of the January 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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