CT and MRI courses deliver the knowledge to optimise clinical skills

Increasing work demands and pressures require staff to be trained to a high standard quickly and effectively to ensure continuing efficient service provision and high safety standards, while limiting time away from the department.

Choosing the right course for radiographers to enhance knowledge and understanding can be a challenge. To meet these challenges, Imaging Innovated has continued to develop its Fundamental Skills Hybrid Learning Programmes in CT and in MRI, both of which combine two separate live interactive online study days with supporting eLearning material.

By improving understanding of the theory and application to practice, these courses provide CT and MRI radiographers with the knowledge to optimise clinical skills and are designed to ensure a consistent standard of knowledge across the team. They enable staff to be better equipped to deal with the demands of daily clinical scanning.

In addition to the established CT and MRI courses, Imaging Innovated is launching leadership skills courses and training for 2023. This new programme has been developed in support of the workforce plan.

Visit the Imaging Innovated stand B49 at UKIO to discuss how these or customised courses can help to meet the needs of departments and staff in the current changing and challenging work environment.

Picture: Imaging Innovated has continued to develop its learning programmes in CT and MRI.

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