CT course reflects on Hounsfield’s career

Liz Beckmann is pictured with winners of the book prize, radiographers Philippa Riddle from Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, Danielle Kelly from Spire Bushey Hospital, Paul Clifton from Chelsea and Westminster and Donna Smyth from Burgess Diagnostics.

At the Introduction to CT course held at the Coventry Techno Centre, Lanmark Medical managing director Liz Beckmann provided an insight into Godfrey Hounsfield’s career and the progression of CT from its infancy to the present day for the 40th anniversary of CT scanning.

Other topics included technology and development of CT, examination preparation and technique, clinical applications and selection of CT parameters.  Organisers and hosts of the event were Eden Learning and Diagnostic Imaging Seminars Limited.

Winners of a quiz received a signed copy of the book Godfrey Hounsfield: Intuitive Genius of CT, of which Liz Beckmann is a co-author.

See this report on the back page of the July 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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