deepc addresses AI safety in healthcare with its unified radiology AI platform, deepcOS

deepc, a trailblazing digital medicine pioneer and European market leader, is again set to exhibit its cutting-edge radiology AI platform, deepcOS at RSNA. This comes at a pivotal moment as a global spotlight is shone on the UK healthcare system with the government-funded AI Deployment Fund (AIDF). The AIDF is envisaged to help with winter pressures, escalating imaging backlogs, staff shortages, and the imperative to balance cost and patient care.

As a complete operating system, deepcOS stands out by seamlessly uniting the four fundamental stages in AI for medical imaging — Evaluate, Deploy, Monitor, and Build. This unified solution addresses the pressing challenges faced by healthcare providers and offers unparalleled capabilities for medical imaging AI to clinical teams.

At RSNA 2023, attendees will have the exclusive opportunity to experience deepcOS firsthand, exploring its vast capabilities in evaluating, deploying, monitoring, and building AI solutions. This all-encompassing platform ensures flexibility and security through its cloud-native architecture.

Dr Franz Pfister, ceo and co-founder of deepc, expresses excitement about the conference, emphasising the platform’s potential to empower healthcare professionals and AI developers while prioritising safety at every step. “With a commitment to making AI accessible and secure for UK healthcare providers, deepc invites industry professionals to join us at RSNA for an in-depth look at the future of radiology, where innovation meets safety in AI-powered healthcare.”

Visit deepc on stand 4578, south hall.

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