DRX-Evolution installed at University of Ulster

Carestream marketing manager Jane Grimsley, Medray (Carestream’s Irish business partner) technical sales lead Jason Roddy and University of Ulster lecturer Dr Sonyia McFadden.


A Carestream DRX-Evolution modular DR system and a Carestream Classic CR have been installed at the Jordanstown Campus of the University of Ulster.


The installation will be used for training around 60 students a year on the diagnostic radiography and therapeutic radiography courses at the university.


Powered by the cassette-sized, wireless Carestream DRX-1 detector, the DRX-Evolution is a modular system designed to custom fit individual spaces and workflows.


Dr Sonyia McFadden, lecturer in diagnostic radiography for the School of Health Sciences, said that using the traditional CR system and the DRX-Evolution system would act as a broad simulation of the conditions students would encounter in their radiographic careers.


See the full report on page 9 of the April 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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