Dynamic line phantom is a compact option for gamma cameras

Leeds Test Objects has launched the Verto dynamic line phantom, to help avoid heavy and bulky flood phantoms and masks. The microprocessor-controlled line source sweeps back and forth across the phantom, starting, stopping and dwelling according to the chosen programme, which is selected using the integrated touch screen. The system comprises the Verto motion actuator, line source, PMMA attenuator, tungsten mask with 20mm pitch and 2mm diameter holes, power cable and a protective carry bag that can be split into two bags. It allows standard test programmes including: centring test, uniformity 500mm sweep, uniformity 300mm sweep, 10mm parallel lines, 20mm parallel lines and spatial resolution pattern.

“The Verto is designed to be compact and modular. Enhanced by its light weight and intuitive software, the system is future proofed, allowing the highest quality image assurance testing to be performed,” commented Leeds Test Objects.

Published on page 18 of the September 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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