Final part of refurbishment offers dual hybrid imaging

From left are radiology clinical manager Zowie Copeman, Philips service delivery manager Walter Maningo, radiographer Stella Koduah, radiology assistant Stacey Maynard, Philips account manager Steve Butt, radiology assistant Lisa Thurley, Philips general manager south Ian Graves, radiographer Amy Goodenough and radiology service manager Darren Hobbs.

The radiology department at Princess Alexandra Hopsital, Harlow has completed its refurbishment with the installation of a Philips Juno DRF system.   Radiology services manager Darren Hobbs said: “We used to have two separate rooms, one for screening and a general x-ray room.  Due to the new build of our department we required one room that could do both and this hybrid system from Philips ticks all the boxes.”

The Juno DRF two-in-one unit is said to offer everything needed for digital radiology and fluoroscopy applications in one system, addressing the common dilemma of the dedicated fluoroscopy room of unused capacity.  With dual imaging mode and open access, it increases room utilisation and it is suitable for bariatric studies.

See the full report on page 31 of the December 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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