First Ultrasonix scanner installed in Ireland

Ceo of Shanakiel Hospital Brian Martin accepts delivery of the first Ultrasonix Sonix Touch ultrasound scanner from Medray Imaging Systems healthcare manager Meagan McGuinness.


Shanakiel Hospital Cork has installed Ireland’s first Ultrasonix Sonix Touch ultrasound scanner in its   radiology department and will now serve as a reference site for Medray and Ultrasonix.


The ultrasound service started in 2005 and provides Shanakiel consultant staff with an assessment service that enhances patient care and reduces the need for potentially unnecessary ward admissions.


Ceo Brian Martin described the Ultrasonix touch as being “at the cutting edge of technology with future proofing options through scalability such as adding a GPS unit, used for needle guidance.”


He added: “Our consultants find the Sonix Touch interface user friendly as well as providing excellent quality images consistent with the demands required to assist in diagnosis.  Its ultra-fast operation is achieved with touch screen simplicity as a full programmable console responds flexibly to user preference or clinical needs.”


Meagan McGuinness of Medray, who are exclusive distributors for Ultrasonix products, is delighted with the sale of the first Ultrasonix scanner and is optimistic of increasing the install base in Ireland.


See the full report on page 30 of the January 2011 issue of RAD Magazine.

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