Flexibility in supporting capacity challenges – Mi Healthcare diagnostic imaging equipment rental

Providers of healthcare are facing unparalleled capacity challenges in the coming months through a combination of:

  • Managing a backlog of planned care and late presentation of patients following the multiple lockdowns and uncertainty moving forwards.
  • The inevitable pressures we are seeing through the winter months combined with the challenges of the more transmissible variant of COVID-19.
  • Gearing up the vaccination programme and settling into a new normal, whilst maintaining the highest quality of services for patients within capacity constraints and restrictions caused by operating within the COVID-19 environment.

These challenges are unlikely to change significantly and may deteriorate further, as financial pressures of additional costs, requirements for additional flexible labour and maintaining the most stringent of infection control regimes become normalised into our operating systems.

Whilst we are all seeking ‘the answer,’ there is no silver bullet, however there are common characteristics which when in place can provide assurance and confidence in achievement and delivery. Whilst the vaccination programme offers real hope, it is inevitable that uncertainty will persist into the new world. Amongst the key facets in the new world will be delivering answers, flexibility, speed of response, relationship building and having quality delivery running through the core of achievement so that, despite the challenges, patient care and improved patient outcomes remain at the heart of what we achieve.

When ensuring existing capacity is maintained through this period and where necessary up-scaling diagnostic imaging capacity, without necessarily having the capital to invest nor a detailed understanding of what capacity will truly be required, a flexible, safe and quick solution is often the rental of either fixed or mobile diagnostic imaging equipment.

Mi Healthcare x-ray rental

Mi Healthcare, a leading vendor neutral provider of Tier 2 Diagnostic Imaging Equipment Maintenance and Rental Equipment and established partner of the NHS for more than 25 years, is ideally placed to support organisations with these challenges in these unprecedented times. Mi Healthcare maintains a state-of-the-art fleet of fixed and mobile loan systems across a range of makes, models and modalities of systems which can be in place and made operational swiftly to meet reactive or planned capacity needs.

Throughout the year, Mi Healthcare have provided over 30 units from stock, of a variety of imaging equipment on loan on a short, mid and long term basis to support the NHS for several reasons such as:

  • Lack of budget for equipment replacement;
  • Non-operational equipment;
  • Training and lectures;
  • Support for extra capacity;
  • New services.

The above are common operational pressures that all organisations face, and when this happens, Mi Healthcare is able to quickly and effectively provide interim solutions to maintain services for the benefit of patients, and to allow organisations the headroom to make informed longer term choices on future delivery, without the immediate pressures of limited access to diagnostic imaging in support of patient care delivery.

Should your organisation require quick access to a modern rental fleet of diagnostic imaging systems please contact us.

Mi Healthcare supported the NHS in both England and Scotland in the first phase of the COVID-19 outbreak with a range of diagnostic equipment including digital x-ray, C-arms, ultrasound systems and digital upgrades.

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