Fund-raisers support County Hospital MRI

County Hospital, Louth, has received an Achieva 1.5 dStream MRI scanner from Philips UKI.

The purchase was the result of a long-running community fund-raising appeal, supplemented by United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust, for the refurbishment of the building and additional equipment.

MRI service lead Chris Bilton said: “We selected the Philips scanner on the grounds of value for money and the high level of technology. One feature that we particularly like is the Flextrak tabletop removal system, which makes transferring patients easy. All in all, Philips’ handling of the whole project has been excellent, particularly the support we received from the applications team.”

The equipment comes with dStream digital broadband MR and offers easy expandability, a benefit of dStream architecture. By moving digitisation inside the RF receive coil, the number of RF channels is determined by the coils rather than the system, making the MR system channel independent. This means that the number of RF channels is no longer a system specification, allowing plug-and-play expansion of clinical capabilities without major system changes, making upgrades more economical.

In addition, dStream’s receive technology samples the MR signal directly in the coil on the patient. Fibre optic transmission of digital broadband data from the coil to the image reconstructor removes potential noise influences typical of analogue RF chains. The result is up to 40 per cent more signal-to-noise ratio.

Opening the new scanning suite at County Hospital has reduced the travel for patients of north-east Lincolnshire and those living along the east coast. It will also give the hospital more capacity as it is expected that the department will scan around 6,000 patients a year.

Picture: Clinical imaging assistant Sarina Carter, MRI radiographer Lloyd Shaw, MRI superintendent Fay Keegans and MRI radiographers Sally May and Suzanne Barker.

Published on page 18 of the July 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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