Guernsey updates MRI to provide preventive care for islanders

Guernsey’s largest and most up-to-date whole body scanner has been officially opened at the First Contact Health clinic in St Peter Port. His Excellency, the Lieutenant-Governor of Guernsey, Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell cut the ribbon on January 5.

“Because of waiting lists it can take considerable time for islanders with painful conditions to get scans and reports. Our new MRI scanner will make a significant contribution to the health of islanders,” explained chair of First Contact Health Peter Watson.

“Not only will it be available for examining patients’ muscle and bone problems but will be a hugely valuable tool in preventative medicine.”

The new Philips Ingenia Ambition system is more comfortable and quicker than other, older machines in Guernsey. It contains patented ComforTone technology, which reduces noise from the machine by 80 per cent. Compressed Sense increases the speed of scans by 50 per cent and it is a sealed magnet, making it safer and more efficient than many machines. The scanner’s cooling system contains liquid helium and needs just seven litres, whereas an older machine requires 1,500-1,600 litres.

Watson continued: “We have been greatly encouraged by the popularity and success of our extremity MRI scanner, which we use for accurate musculoskeletal diagnosis. We recognised there was a genuine requirement for another full body scanner on the island. MR scans are seeing a growth of 13 per cent per annum and this will help to reduce the waiting list at the Princess Elizabeth Hospital and speed up access to treatment for islanders.

“We want the island to put a stronger focus on defensive, predictive medicine rather than treating people once they are ill. Preventive care helps lower healthcare costs and MRI scanners play a vital role in catching health problems before they become acute.”

Picture: Medical director and orthopaedic specialist Dr Ranjan Vhadra, Lieutenant General Richard Cripwell and First Contact Health chair Peter Watson.

Published on page 13 of the February 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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