Hand-held ultrasound reduces need for physical proximity

Philips says its tablet-based ultrasound solution Lumify has been helping clinicians in emergency departments and intensive care units make faster, more refined care decisions during the pandemic, while also helping manage the risk of spreading COVID-19 in their departments.

Lumify is integrated with Reacts tele-ultrasound capabilities, enabling users to share the live ultrasound stream from a Lumify device with a remote colleague on a mobile device, tablet or computer, who can then provide real-time feedback without the need for physical proximity during scans. “This is essential during the pandemic to help minimise the risk of virus transmission among medical teams, making Lumify a critical diagnostic solution in the management of COVID-19-related lung and cardiac complications,” states the company. “In a recent study where Lumify was used for point-of-care focused cardiac examinations on COVID-19 patients, scan time was reduced by 79 per cent, while decontamination time was reduced by 85 per cent.”

Philips says the solution has also helped doctors understand links between cardiac abnormalities and a poor COVID-19 prognosis.

Published on page 2 of the January 2021 issue of RAD Magazine.

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