Head access essential at children’s hospital

From left are Toshiba Medical Systems clinical specialist Chi Burt, Toshiba northern regional manager Linda Horsfall, radiographer Steve Burns, Toshiba European clinical specialist Ed van de Vliet and consultant cardiologist Dr Oliver Stumper.

To replace its ageing x-ray imaging facilities, Birmingham Children’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust has purchased two Toshiba cath labs, one with multi-disciplinary bi-plane angiographic equipment and the second with a single plane hybrid surgical–cardiology/radiology angiographic facility.

Consultant paediatric cardiologist and project leader Dr Oliver Stumper said: “The five-axis set-up and the unparalleled head access were among the main reasons we selected the system, as 11 per cent of all our cath lab procedures require neck access.

“With the new system we are achieving a dramatic reduction in dose exposure, about a third to a quarter of the dose compared to our old system.”

See the full report on page 32 of the February 2013 issue of RAD Magazine.

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