Imaging Innovated launch interactive online learning programmes for radiographers with CT and MRI fundamental skills courses

  • Hybrid learning programmes combining live interactive online study days with supporting e-learning material
  • Learning outcomes focused on improving application of theory into clinical practice

Imaging Innovated have launched a new series of interactive online learning programmes for Radiographers with two courses:

Fundamental Skills in CT

Fundamental Skills in MRI

These courses have been designed to meet today’s healthcare challenges and the increasing demands and pressures that require staff to be trained quickly and effectively to ensure continuing efficient service provision and the maintenance of high safety standards.

They will provide CT and MRI radiographers with the knowledge to optimise their clinical skills, by improving understanding of the theory underpinning the practical aspects and enable transfer of these into daily clinical scanning.

These hybrid courses combine live online interactive study days supported by a programme of e-learning materials. Each consist of two separate Part 1 and Part 2 days in order to limit staff time away from the department.

Imaging Innovated building blocks

“We are delighted to be building on our proven portfolio of online courses for health care professionals with this programme for radiographers, initially consisting of two courses, Fundamental skills in CT and Fundamental Skills in MRI,” says  Liz Beckmann, past president of the BIR and Co-Founder and Course Director at Imaging Innovated. “Both of the Fundamental skills courses are designed to bring radiographers up to a consistent standard of knowledge in CT and MRI, covering all elements relevant to daily clinical scanning and enabling them to work safely without senior supervision.”

Edward Proctor, a practicing Senior MRI and CT Radiographer and postgraduate course university lecturer with over twenty years’ experience of course delivery and teaching, co-founder and course director at Imaging Innovated commented: “These courses which are designed by radiographers and experienced medical imaging professionals, blend the topic areas of key physical principles, equipment technology, safety elements and image quality factors with key scanning technique, anatomy and pathology to create a unique offering which supports clinical staff and improves quality and safety. The e-learning elements reinforce the building blocks of knowledge learnt from the two study days.

“These new courses have been created by Imaging Innovated using the knowledge of over seven years’ delivery of face to face courses, and the experience of converting these existing courses into highly successful online events during the past year which has been driven by the requirements of healthcare professionals in these changing times.”

To receive more information on these courses and to register visit the Imaging innovated website by clicking here.

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