Imaging technology backs up Olympic winners

There is more than just ‘Yorkshire grit’ behind the success of athletes such as the Brownlee brothers in the Olympics.  Cutting-edge technology such as that from sponsor GE Healthcare to monitor precise body composition and aid early diagnosis of injuries also plays a part.

For athletes, even a small change in body composition can significantly affect performance, so monitoring with the GE Healthcare iDXA provides information that athletes can use to adjust diet and training regimens.

Bronze medal winning triathlete Jonathan Brownlee, pictured, said “Access to this equipment is crucial for me as it helps me maintain the right body composition.  In the swim I need to be lean but also need a bit of weight to maintain good buoyancy.  The iDXA gives me an indication of how I need to adapt my training and nutrition to maximise my performance.”

See this report on the front page of the August 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.

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