King George Hospital extends scope of examinations

Radiographers Anna Antonova and Wan Lam Foo, lead radiographer Tony Buck, lead radiographer generals Ben Buckland, superintendent radiographer/deputy resource manager Abdul Karim Conteh, reporting radiographer Ambalavanar Jeyasuthan, radiographer Uzoma Ogoh, imaging assistant Lovro Lorenovic, senior radiographer Carly Leeks and, in front, Fujifilm senior account manager Iain Sims.

King George Hospital, Ilford, has invested for the future with two Fujifilm FDR Go mobile x-ray units. As the radiology department continues its digital upgrade that started in 2015 with a Fujifilm retrofit transforming four CR rooms into DR the hospital has been able to decommission several old analogue systems.

The FDR Go mobiles have become the preferred choice for radiographers carrying out portable imaging in all areas of the hospital including A&E resus, theatre recovery, general wards, children’s wards and the ITU.  “Our radiographers find the FDR Go mobiles really easy to use and incredibly manoeuvrable in small spaces and around the hospital,” said lead radiographer generals Ben Buckland.

“The A&E consultants have really been impressed with having the image available for immediate review.  Virtual Grid technology has really changed the scope of examinations we can carry out without a physical grid.  The image quality is incredible even on larger patients and on anatomies where we would historically have used a physical grid,” Buckland continued.

See the full report on page 44 of the June 2018 issue of RAD Magazine.

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