Leaflet sheds light on the roles of the whole radiotherapy team

A leaflet informing patients about the healthcare professionals involved in their radiotherapy journey has been produced by the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM). It highlights the multidisciplinary nature of the radiotherapy pathway for patients, their family and friends.

Titled ‘There are more players in your radiotherapy story than you might think,’ the leaflet was the idea of IPEM past president Professor Stephen O’Connor, who wanted to show there are more than just doctors and radiographers involved in a patient’s treatment. It has been endorsed by The British Institute of Radiology, The Society of Radiographers and the Academy for Healthcare Science.

Professor O’Connor said: “IPEM has led the way on this leaflet, which highlights for the first time all the players in the radiotherapy pathway for patients, as well as for their family and friends. It promotes the healthcare professions that IPEM represents, radiotherapy physicists and biomedical/clinical engineers. Many thanks are due to senior radiotherapy physicist from Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust Kirsty Blythe for her work on this project.”

Blythe said designing the leaflet had been excellent experience for her competencies and working towards her registration as a consultant clinical scientist. “I did some research into patient radiotherapy leaflets from trusts across the country and found that physicists were barely mentioned, and actually were not mentioned at all in most cases, along with a number of other staff groups,” she explained.

“Every member of the team dedicates their skills, time and energy to ensuring patients receive the highest quality treatment possible and I’m sure patients will enjoy and appreciate learning a little bit more about them and their work.”

Picture: The IPEM leaflet is being distributed to radiotherapy centres across the UK to be handed out to patients or displayed in waiting rooms.

Published on page 2 of the April 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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