Learning at leisure

Relaxing in the sun during a Toshiba Medical Systems’ study day at Tewin Bury Farm in Hertfordshire.


Toshiba customers whose hospitals recently invested in the company’s Aplio XG and Xario AG ultrasound systems attended a study day designed to teach the users how to get the best out of their scanner.


The day consisted of presentations and live scanning, plus a lecture and practical session on prevention of sonographers’ musculoskeletal disorders. They also had the opportunity to ask detailed questions regarding the equipment.


The study day was held at Tewin Bury Farm, Hertfordshire.


Helen Edwards of St Margaret’s and Princess Alexandra Hospital and ultrasound lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire, together with Jan Perry, manual handling advisor, led a session that covered the most common musculoskeletal problems suffered by sonographers and methods of prevention, including posture, ergonomics and aids to ease Repetitive Strain Injury.


The second part of the lecture involved audience participation when attendees were asked to run through basic stretching exercises to ease the strain of static posture during a normal working day, as a sonographer or radiologist, performing ultrasound scans. This ‘yoga class’ proved to be entertaining and informative and was well received.


See the full report on page 46 of the May 2009 issue of RAD Magazine

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