Logiq E9 useful for difficult cases

At Ealing Hospital are GE Healthcare ultrasound sales specialist Jayesh Odedra, vascular clinical specialist Dr Mustapha Azzam, ultrasound support worker Vijay Kashyap, clinical director/ultrasound lead Dr Akkib Rafique, consultant radiologist Dr Miranda Harvie, senior sonographer Lila Sharma, sonographer Ramandeep Johal, superintendent sonographer Prithi Nair and ultrasound support worker Sindy Badry.



Three Logiq E9s have been supplied to Ealing Hospital by GE Healthcare.  “The machines are very user friendly and provide excellent image quality,” said clinical director/ultrasound lead Dr Akkib Rafique.  “Volume navigation and needle biopsy features are useful for difficult cases where a lesion can be identified on CT or MRI but is much more difficult to visualise and biopsy on ultrasound.  Confidence in sampling the correct, or tiny, lesion is therefore vastly increased.”


See the full report on page 8 of the January 2012 issue of RAD Magazine.



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