Managed service providers could meet cyber security needs

The NHS is one of the largest and most complex organisations in the world, and is a prime target for cyber criminals, says managed IT service provider Quadris. Last summer, the NHS 111 service was hit with a ransomware attack, which is still causing knock-on effects, and the Department of Health and Social Care has launched its cyber security strategy.

“Cyber security in the NHS is very complex,” Quadris states. “Firstly, it is well documented that the healthcare industry is lagging behind other sectors in terms of investment in cyber security. Secondly, the NHS is made up of a number of different organisations, each with its own IT infrastructure and security challenges. Finally, sourcing good quality cyber-trained staff is a real problem at the minute, which makes it extremely difficult for individual trusts to build and maintain effective cyber security programmes.”

The company offers comprehensive cyber security solutions tailored to the needs of individual NHS organisations, and can work with clients to understand their security needs to design customised solutions that are effective and affordable.

One of the key benefits of working with a managed service provider is immediate access to a team of skilled cyber security professionals. Quadris staff are experts in the latest security techno-logies and techniques, and have extensive experience working in healthcare organisations to improve security.

Managed service providers can be cost-effective as there are no recruitment costs, salaries or holidays to factor in and no increase in management burden.

Picture: Cyber security in the NHS is a complex issue.

Published on page 22 of the May 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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