Medical education compendium gains English radiology volume

A radiology title in English has joined a series of medical books that aims to help students and professionals keep updated with the latest developments and knowledge. Compendium Medicine is a Dutch medical start-up aiming to improve the way medical education is perceived.

Known as Compendium Geneeskunde in the Netherlands, the initiative began in Amsterdam in 2015. As medical students, founders Veerle Smit and Romée Snijders were faced with an increasing course load that prompted them to explore more efficient approaches to medical education. With a team of more than 500 student authors and supervising medical specialists, they created a book series covering 35 specialities, supported by images, charts, useful mnemonics and a concise writing style. More than 100,000 medical professionals are said to use the books to study, revise or refresh their clinical knowledge.

Compendium Medicine is now extending its reach to the rest of the world, with the first step being the launch of the Pocket Radiology book, managed by radiology resident Dr Gwen Vuurberg. This book emphasises the practical application of radiological medical knowledge, supported by common clinical cases and presentations. Its schematic and comprehensible approach enables learners to navigate the complexities of radiology.

Picture: Compendium Geneeskunde founders Veerle Smit and Romée Snijders.

Published on page 7 of the September 2023 issue of RAD Magazine.

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